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  • Evenly apply oil when cooking: Say goodbye to burnt meat that sticks to the pan, the Accu-Spray's high accuracy nozzle ensures that you're able to evenly coat your pan every time
  • Add the right amount of dressing to your salads: Each press of the primer produces a single spray so you have full control over how much or how little dressing you use
  • Multi purpose application: Whether it's oils, dressings, wines or vinegar the Multi Spray is great for any liquid you need to use when preparing food
  • Premium materials that are built to last: Made from stainless steel and food grade glass the Accu-Spray is 100% leak proof and guaranteed  to stand the test of time 
Why It's Great

Full Control

With the Accu-Spray you control how much oil, vinegar or dressing you apply and exactly where you apply it. Just aim and then press the high grip primer to release a controlled mist on your pan, pot, meats or salads. It's that easy!

No More Mess

Never again will you need to use basting brushes or get your hands dirty when preparing meat. The Accu-Spray is the hygienic and no mess way to cook that ensures you minimize the amount of time it takes to clean & wash up afterwards

Perfect For All Your Cooking Needs

Whether it's cooking meat, making a salad or adding melted butter to your popcorn the Accu-Spray s perfect for you. It can handle any liquid you need to use as part of your food prep and is guaranteed to always remain 100% leak proof. 

Great For BBQs And Picnics

The Accu-Spray isn't just great for use in your kitchen, with it's compact and cylindrical  design it's also perfect for taking with you on picnics and BBQs. You can pop it into your bag or basket and you're ready to go. 

Our Commitment To You

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We also back each of our products with an all inclusive 1 year warranty. If there are any issues with your Zasop product in the first year you can reach out to our customer service team who will organize for a replacement to be sent to you free of charge.


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